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Camp at TMS

Experience the ultimate camping adventure at Texas Motor Speedway! We offer a wide range of camping options to suit your preferences, from Premium Full Hook-Up sites to Tent camping. No matter your choice, we've got you covered with a host of amenities and activities to make your stay unforgettable.

Trip Tips

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Camping Amenities

The Campgrounds at Texas Motor Speedway have the features and amenities that you are looking for in a campground:

  • Shower House/Restrooms
  • Exterior campgrounds have shuttle service
  • Geico VIP campground offers Water/Electric
  • Camper movie nights on Big Hoss 
  • Saturday night camper party at the Dirt Track
  • Outside campgrounds open Friday to Monday
  • Infield and Burn Out open Wednesday to Monday
  • Golf carts allowed only for Handicap campers
  • Winstar Lone Star Campground allows extra car passes
  • Campers allowed to purchase one extra car pass 

Camping Services

Porta-John Rental & Pumping 817-302-9200
Water Delivery (Non Portable) 817-822-4123
RV Repair 817-832-7141 or 817-727-5909
Towing 940-901-5280
Security 817-528-0272
ADA Shuttle 940-390-8248

5 Reasons to Camp at TMS

1. Don’t Book Your Room. Park It!

  • Enjoy the convenience of no traffic or commute and ensure instant access to the racing action.
  • Texas Must-Do: Enjoy up to 10 nights of camping at TMS!

2. Community & Camaraderie

  • Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of racing enthusiasts, fostering connections for a fun race weekend.
  • Texas Must-Do: Compete in the annual Saturday Pardi Batch Spirits BBQ Showdown & enjoy the THOR Camper Shindig Party!

3. Exclusive Entertainment

  • Elevate your camping by experiencing movie night and nightly parties in a dynamic atmosphere.  
  • Texas Must-Do: Find out what really happens in the GEICO Infield Campground!

4. Outdoor Family Adventure

  • Transform your race weekend into a wholesome family adventure.
  • Texas Must-Do: Stay as close as possible, in the shadows of the Big Hoss!

5. Start New Traditions

  • Seize the moment with family and friends. The time is now to start forging lasting memories and creating new NASCAR traditions.
  • Texas Must-Do: As soon as you get into your spot this year, make sure you renew for 2025 so you don't miss any action with your new friends and camping family

Camping Policies

Camping is permitted in designated areas only: Geico Infield Campground, Geico VIP camping, Outside reserved, and unreserved camping. Persons entering campgrounds do so at their own risk.

Camping spaces at Texas Motor Speedway are intended for personal (non-commercial) use ONLY. No commercial, corporate or hospitality activities, including signage, are allowed. Texas Motor Speedway and its representatives will, in their sole discretion, determine the validity of all activities. Please contact the Texas Motor Speedway Corporate Sales department at 817-215-8510 for clarification before an event.

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY: Please dial 911 for any issues needing emergency response requiring police, fire or ambulance needs.

FOR ASSISTANCE FROM CAMPGROUND STAFF - Go to the Public Safety Trailer located in the Lone Star Circle Campground near Row EE for assistance or find your nearest campground staff member at any gate or roaming through the campgrounds.

No outside catering allowed on Speedway property. All catering must be coordinated through Levy Restaurants 817-215-8433. Catering is only offered on certain days and is subject to availability.

Access to campground areas will be restricted to vehicles displaying appropriate sticker or digital credential. Campers will receive ONLY ONE camping permits per spot. All camping permits MUST be affixed to each vehicle entering/exiting the camping areas.

Only Texas Motor Speedway advertising will be permitted in any of the camping areas or Speedway grounds. 

Open flame or open pit campfires are prohibited anywhere on Speedway property. Charcoal and gas grills are allowed in camping areas except in the infield during race practice sessions or during a race. All BBQ grills must be at least 10 feet away from combustibles – cars, campers, tents, awnings, etc.

Maximum storage of 10 gallons of gasoline allowed per campsite/Gasoline should never be used or stored in close proximity to sources of heat or flame and must be stored in approved containers. 

All pets on Speedway property must be kept on a leash while outside personal vehicle. For the comfort of others visiting our property – please clean up after your pet.

Prohibited items on Texas Motor Speedway property include: weapons, firearms, fireworks and illegal substances or items restricted by local, state and federal laws. Please refer to a full list of prohibited items at or on the Texas Motor Speedway App.

Confederate flags (including flags, signs and banners that contain the Confederate flag) are not allowed. Speedway management reserves the right to remove any and all banners, signs or flags not in compliance with this policy or which, in their sole judgment, violates this policy.  If you refuse to allow the removal of any such banner, sign or flag, you will be subject to removal from Speedway premises. All banners, signs and flags openly displayed (including but not limited to on vehicles, clothing, hats or other accessory items) while on the premises of Texas Motor Speedway must comply with this policy. Banners, signs and flags should contain no obscene language, symbols or logos, or graphic depictions. Speedway management reserves the right to approve all banners, signs and flags.

No ATV’s or personal golf carts will be allowed.

No Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs, Stages or Stage Lights allowed. All internal and external sound systems must be maintained at a reasonable level and facing inward toward your camping spot.

Scissor Lifts or similar equipment is not permitted in the Geico Infield Campgrounds or North/South Paddocks.

Do not park RV’s in fire lanes or within 15’ feet of fire hydrants. Hydrants must be accessible to emergency vehicles. No parking is allowed in front of bollards (signs will be posted).

No generators allowed in “tent only” camping areas. All vehicles related to “tent only” camping must park in designated parking areas.

Two-wheeled motorized vehicles (including licensed motorcycles) will not be allowed to operate in campgrounds, including the infield camping areas.

All persons must conduct themselves with due regard for their health and safety, and that of fellow campers, and obey all laws. TMS is not liable for actions which endanger your safety or others. Watch your property, TMS is not liable for lost or stolen items.

No flat bed trailers (over 10 ft. in length) will be allowed in campgrounds.

No box trucks will be allowed in the campgrounds.

ABSOLUTELY NO cruising will be permitted in any of the camping areas.

NO lewd conduct will be allowed on Speedway property.

A noise curfew of 1 a.m. will be enforced in ALL campgrounds. (Does not include generators).

All Infield Camping areas must abide by the 13’ height regulation – meaning anything above 13’ must be removed.

The operation or flying of any unmanned aircraft, drone, or remote controlled aircraft is NOT allowed on TMS property. All such aircraft will be confiscated.

All camping areas will be aggressively patrolled by Speedway security staff and City Police Officers; enforcing a NO TOLERANCE policy on ALL campground policies.