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Texas Motor Speedway does not allow the use of personal golf carts on Speedway property during race weekends.

Golf cart usage while on property at Texas Motor Speedway will be limited to only those vehicles being operated by authorized credentialed users. Authorized users shall include Race Team participants, Official and Event Sponsors, and Texas Motor Speedway Staff. ALL authorized users will be required to fulfill liability insurance requirements associated with operating such vehicles while on Texas Motor Speedway property, prior to being issued a golf cart credential.

Effective immediately Texas Motor Speedway will no longer be approving credentials for Sport UTV’s and/or vehicles that have been modified as listed below. Also effective immediately, all applications must include a color photograph of the cart for which the credential is being requested.

Sport UTV Vehicles not allowed at Texas Motor Speedway

  • Polaris RZR models
  • Kawasaki Teryx models
  • CanAm Maverick models
  • Yamaha YXZ models
  • Any other man made or alternative brand UTV that fits the specifications closely matching current sport UTV class.

UTV Modifications NOT allowed at Texas Motor Speedway

  • Anything that contains an aftermarket or fabricated seat in the bed
  • Lifts of more than 2.5 inches

Any unauthorized usage of golf carts along with mules, gators and ATVs will subject that vehicle to either immediate removal from Texas Motor Speedway property or temporary impoundment until the completion of that week's racing event. Police and security patrols will be verifying compliance.


Handicap Patrons

Texas Motor Speedway does not allow the use of personal golf carts on Speedway property during race weekends. There is an exception made for handicapped patrons. In order to qualify for this exception the following criteria must be met:

  1. Applicant must be camped on Texas Motor Speedway property and show proof of camping space.
  2. Applicant must provide a valid Certificate of Insurance (click here for sample) and a copy of a current handicap placard. No other documentation will be accepted. Insurance coverage must be for a minimum of $5,000,000 in liability coverage and name Texas Motor Speedway, LLC. and Speedway Motorsports, LLC. as additional insureds. Insurance coverage must be proven in the form of the sample above. No other documentation will be accepted.
  1. Handicapped patron must be present to pick up golf cart credential.
  2. Handicapped patron must be on golf cart during all usage on speedway property. Police and security patrols will be verifying compliance and will immediately withdraw handicapped authorization and use of the golf cart if the handicapped patron is not on board the golf cart.
  3. One pass per Handicapped patron.

Applying for Golf Cart Credentials

If you meet all of the requirements above, click here to print off the Golf Cart Application and send it using the form on this page along with

  • A completed Certificate of Insurance (click here for sample)
  • A color photograph of the golf cart for which the credential is being requested
  • Photocopies of your Driver’s License and Handicap Placard.

Application deadlines apply. 

A separate application, valid Certificate of Insurance, and current handicap placard must be submitted for each race weekend.  You will be notified by email if and when your application is approved or denied.

Texas Motor Speedway prohibits the use or operation of all golf carts, UTV’s, and similar vehicles present on our property from being used or operated off the campus or property of Texas Motor Speedway. Driving or operating a golf cart, UTV, or similar type vehicles once credentialed off the Texas Motor Speedway campus property on a public road, highway, or crossing a highway will result in the loss of your credential, your ejection from the property of Texas Motor Speedway, and your golf cart, UTV, or similar type of vehicle will not be allowed to return onto the property of Texas Motor Speedway. If you or your vehicle are not allowed to return back onto the property of Texas Motor Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway is not responsible for the safe keeping or storage of your vehicle. This rule and policy applies whether or not your vehicle is ‘street legal’ within the definition provided by the Texas Transportation Code.

Failure to comply with any of the above criteria during race week may result in confiscation of patron’s golf cart pass and/or golf cart as well as loss of future race week golf cart privileges.

Request for Golf Cart Approval

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