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P.J. - Great American Sweethearts

My name is P.J. and this will be my forth year as a Great American Sweetheart.

I'm from a small town in Texas...no stop lights! Just a four way stop intersection. I'm a tomboy and grew up with two older brothers. I like to think anything the guys do, I can do...better!

I’m a bit of a goofball and think a good sense of humor is a must. Laughing is the best. I’m always ready to hear a new joke if you have any!

I love sports, speed, and anything outdoors.

I also love sweets…mainly ice cream and cookies. Thankfully, I enjoy running too. When I start feeling a little guilty after too many sweets, I just run it off!

Currently, I play on a women's soccer team…a little competition is always nice. That’s why I LOVE racing. I love being a part of the fans and interacting on race days...all the excitement and back and forth over who's going to win. I personally love me some Clint Bowyer. He feels like my kin folk!

Can't wait ‘til next race weekend comes along!

See y’all there!

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