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Libby - Great American Sweethearts

Hey everyone, I'm Libby! I am beyond excited to be the newest Great American Sweetheart!

I'm from Houston, Texas and I love working out (boxing, running, weights), traveling, and cooking. When I'm not wearing my cowboy hat as a Great American Sweetheart I'm a social media strategist and my biggest claim to fame is being a contestant on Survivor Ghost Island!

I wanted to be on Survivor to win a million dollars and to prove that this southern small town blonde is more than just a pretty face. I love adventure. I love challenges and I love to overcome them. Winning could be my chance to show the bullies in high school that I'm not little 'ol Libby anymore. It's a chance to show off my skills and strengths and use them to their full potential. Being on Survivor has been a dream of mine. I feel like God's been putting me through challenges and experiences in life to prepare me for this.

My favorite thing about the state of Texas is it could be its own country. Texas is unlike any other state. The southern roots you're born with; I mean, you can take the gal out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the gal.

Being a Great American Sweetheart means so much to me because I get to represent an awesome sport and my home state at the same time. I'm excited to really get to know the NASCAR fans. The fans are so loud and proud of their sport and representing that is a huge job I'm honored to be apart of.

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