Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway


Hobbies... staying physically fit!! Love sports..I play on an all women soccer team currently and love to compete! Anything and everything outdoors that brings a good sweat and my pup can watch from the sidelines.

I love racing because….it’s fast...always competitive and full or crazy energetic fans!! Can't wait for the next race....vroom!!

What’s on your IPOD? My iPod is that of a true country lovin’ girl. Lots of good old Texas boys, George Strait...Randy Houser...Chris Young..and my new favorite Brett Eldridge!! Nothing like how country feels..

People describe me as….S.P.U.N.K.Y!

Favorite Driver...love me some Clint Bowyer...and the bearded men on his hood front!! Duck Dynasty and Clint feel like my kin folk!

My Dream Car is ….a 1960's AC Cobra...super fast and a sexy frame

Guilty Pleasure...SPEEDING...Shhh...Don't tell :)

If I had three wishes…First would be great health and happiness among my family. Second...would be to strive and succeed at anything I put my mind and efforts in to...in work, life, and family! Third....might be an unlimited supply of milkduds..Ahhh!! Love those lil pieces of heaven!

Pet Peeves...Someone with no sense of humor :) And of course if you don't laugh at my jokes...you won't end up at the finish line!!

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