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Coming At You Fast
Make this town your own.
Weekends go fast around here. Especially when these bad boys blow through town. Make the most of every minute at No Limits, Texas, where some of the wildest showdowns in the wicked-fast west go down. Ready to tear it up? Plan your weekends here.
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April, June & November
O’Reilly 300
April 8, 2016
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April 9, 2016
Where the legends have taken hold.
This is what happens when speed, ambition, courage and pride come together in a place called No Limits, Texas. A town where battles for territory are settled the old west way - with the courage to stand your ground and be the fastest draw.
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Get an inside look at No Limits, Texas
All Roads Led Here
We came. We saw. We built. Born of an outlaw's vision with an iron will and a love of horsepower, it's how we got where we are today.
Land of Opportunity
Where Legends Take Hold
Myths Are Made
Pride in Honor
Storied Revelry
Battles of Territory
Traditions Stand Strong
An Engrained Outlaw Spirit
Where the West Was Won
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#NLTX Winners
Steve German
Jeff Robertson
Dylan Nadwodny
Harold Reed
Thomas Guerrero
Mark Luhman
Craig Holbert
No Limits, Texas Est. 1997

On April 26th, 1994 we flew over the site that was to become Texas Motor Speedway. We knew instantly this was the place for a great new speedway that would grow the sport. Even though we had other sites to visit, the vision was clear. In the helicopter, I looked at Eddie. He knew too. He silently mouthed, “This is it.” - O. Bruton Smith, CEO Speedway Motorsports, Inc.

At that point in my career, I was uneasy when I got introduced before each race. There was usually a big cheer, but I didn’t feel like I had done anything to justify it. It was nice – but they were just cheering because of who my dad was. But, at Texas, it felt different. I had won there – and my dad hadn’t. I don’t live my life trying to match what my dad did, but to do something he did, or to do something he hadn’t accomplished meant the world to me. So, at that moment, I loved Texas, and they seemed to love me. - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“I do know I won the race. I was the fastest guy out there that night. And what happened in victory lane with A.J. Foyt is one of those moments I can talk about and just smile. At least I can…. now. "- Arie Luyendyk

"We didn't invent patriotism, but we are the poster children for Red, White, and Blue. We didn't invent the Armed Forces, but we stock the ranks." Lyle Lovett, Texas Musician

"When people ask me to describe the Rockfest event we held in June of 1997, a “post-modern Woodstock” immediately comes to mind. With one exception – this was even bigger." - Matt Stolley, VP of Operations and Development, Texas Motor Speedway

"I raced hard, we both came back around, so there's something to be said for that. It was a good fight, just a dogfight. I fought as hard as I could." - Brad Keselowski

We’ll either find a way or we will make one.” - O. Bruton Smith, CEO Speedway Motorsports, Inc.

"It’s a special celebration when you win at Texas. You get the six-shooters and wear the cowboy hat. It’s the only place you get to do that. That’s a trophy in itself you get to cherish, which puts more emphasis for us to try to win.” - Tony Stewart

Race y’all there.