Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway

Friday Night Drags 

2014 Friday Night Drags Division Champions

Street Bandits - John Canfield

Sportsman - Steve Billman

Supercars - Alonzo Simmons

Black Smoke Warrior - Shelby Wilkie

Street Outlaws - Brent Lancaster 

Tuner - Travis Cooper

2014 Friday Night Drags Division Winners

Week Street Bandits Sportsman Supercars  Black Smoke Warrior   Street Outlaws  Tuner
 1   Daniel Bernadino   Steve Billman  Stephen Hannah Clay Stewart Jason Lucas  Chase Prollock
 2  Lee Meashmann Casey White Alonzo Simmons Carrie Carney Rene Gomez Jesse Cerenas
 3  Daniel Bernadino Tony Bernal  Johnny Nyguyen  Charles Carey Brent Lancaster Chase Pollock
4 Edward Chin  Tony Bernal   Alonzo Simmons  Shelby Wilkie Jason Lucas Travis Cooper
5 Brian Wade
Elliott Maya
 Alonzo Simmons
Shelby Wilkie  Brent Lancaster
 Travis Cooper
 6  Brian Wade Steve Billman   Chris Brown Billy Ranck  Tyler Mitchell Travis Cooper 

Click here to download the point standings for all divisions. 

2014 Champion Photos

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