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A Peek Inside the Shop


by TMS Admin | May 07, 2013

Brad Goldberg has been in the racing industry for 14 years and started his career as an intern at Skip Barber Racing School. Goldberg moved to Cosworth “Pi Research” and joined an Indy Lights team, where he met Mitch Davis. Goldberg has been with Chip Ganassi Racing Teams for 11 years, this May. Goldberg began employment with the organization while both going to school and working full-time. Goldberg started with Chip Ganassi Racing in electronics, then moving to assistant engineer in GRAND-AM, to assistant engineer in IndyCar, to lead engineer in GRAND-AM, and finally lead engineer in IndyCar with Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing. Goldberg is based out of the shop in Brownsburg, Indiana. Goldberg is also being nominated for the prestigious Lone Star “J.R.” Johnny Rutherford Award.

Goldberg lost his father at age nine to cancer. Since that young age, he has helped his mother on his own. His mother never remarried after his father passed away, and now lives a short five minute walk from Goldberg’s house. Goldberg lost contact with his father’s family once his father passed away, so he sought afterwards to get reacquainted with them again in Newfoundland. After searching for quite some time, he located them again and was reacquainted with the family that he had lost.

He will be married to his wife, Julia Goldberg, for 3 years this coming October and is a great member of the Christian community. His wife works for a Lutheran church, in which he often helps with.

Goldberg understands the “Big Picture” of the importance of the Racing Community. Through his years at Chip Ganassi Racing, he has completed numerous shop tours to get children, families and the general-public involved with the sport.

Goldberg cares a great deal for the community while at-track. “My wife Julia and her friend Kathleen once met a child with diabetes at the track and came to tell me about it.” Goldberg found the driver of the No. 83 for the IZOD IndyCar Series, Charlie Kimball, who was in a pre-race nap, awoke him and introduced him to this child. Kimball and this child and his family have now become personal friends.

Goldberg continuously takes care of his sponsor, Novo Nordisk, and their crew every race weekend, always taking the time to teach them something new about racing or give them a tour. Giving the sponsor more passion for the sport in which they’re involved.

Goldberg is a leader. He sets the best example to his crew as well as other teams. He is someone who really has a passion for the sport and the people around it, whether it is co-workers, teammates or fans. Goldberg’s favorite quote: “I have time for fans and sponsors as they are the reason we all have employment.”

Away from the track, Goldberg has always had a love for the sport of hockey, winning the American Legion Award in Junior High and the 1998 Robert Gilliken Award for Mental Attitude (All Around Player of the year for Hockey). Since playing in the sport, Goldberg now takes the time to teach the next generation, helping his team become the Indiana State High School Hockey 3A State Champions in 2009, as an Assistant Coach.

Another significant achievement; Goldberg has lost 90lbs since 2006, and has completed 7 half-marathons.

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