Emily - Great American Sweethearts

I grew up in a small town with super awesome parents and a younger sister. I still live in the same small town on the adjoining property to my childhood home.

At 14 I was tall and lanky I figured 'why not try modeling?' Although I could tell it had the potential to be a tough industry, I learned not to take rejection personally and then began loving it! I have worked hard at it ever since!

I went overseas the first time at 17, earning my 'international model' status! As the years went on I continued traveling, booking national ad campaigns with brands like Abercrombie and shots in magazines like ELLE.

I am a certified gearhead. I built my first motor at 16 for my parents 1978 Ford pickup! That project ignited my passion for working on cars! (Even though it was a Ford!!) I've had many projects over the years from a '69 Camaro '78 Datsun 280Z, numerous Jeeps and I still have a full shop of cars that are like family members! My daily driver is a 2005 GTO named Roxy. I built an engine for her and did a YouTube series documenting the process! Search 'In the shop with Emily' on YouTube!

I have a lot to learn about NASCAR so I'm SUPER STOKEd to be involved! Anytime I can be around the sound of V8s, the smell of burning rubber and fast cars- I'M HAPPY!

2018 Season Tickets

Texas Motor Speedway Season Tickets start at $199 for adults and all kids 12 & under are $30!