Raceway Ministries

The Raceway Ministries at Texas Motor Speedway (RMTMS) sites are located (1) outside Turn 3 in the Lone Star Circle Camping area on Row Q, (2) outside Victory Circle, just north of Petty Place in Area 5 Camping, and (3) just inside Victory Circle on the far east end of Texas Motor Speedway property, in the Family Camping area.

Visit www.txarm.net for more information about Raceway Ministries activities and for assistance.

Information Table

Raceway Ministries at Texas Motor Speedway offers volunteers each race weekend to help those who need assistance in locating entry gates, showers, rest rooms, concession areas, merchandise locations, local gas stations, hardware & grocery stores and more.

Professional Counselors/Chaplains

Licensed counselors, chaplains and pastors are available to all fans for crisis intervention, domestic disturbance, depression, etc. through direct contact or through Speedway Security. 

2018 Season Tickets

Texas Motor Speedway Season Tickets start at $199 for adults and all kids 12 & under are $30!