Total Driving Experience

Total Driving Experience is a high-performance drive/ride experience specializing in Corporate Events.

We are located at Texas Motor Speedway and offer numerous types of entertainment adventures! Texas Driving Experience has created Racecar Team Building Programs, Leadership Programs, Sales Meetings and Safety Days. We pride ourselves on offering full-service, racecar themed, entertainment including meeting space, catered meals, AV/PA equipment and everything necessary to host a perfect and unique day at Texas Motor Speedway. Our goal at Texas Driving Experience is to provide SAFE, EDUCATIONAL, FUN!

The SKILLS Teen School, presented by SCION, is a one or two-day driving course that gives teens the knowledge and experience to succeed in emergency situations. Both educational and fun, SKILLS goes beyond the scope of traditional Drivers Ed programs to teach teens accident avoidance. With car accidents being the #1 killer of teenagers today, The SKILLS Teen School is a must for new drivers. In a safe, closed venue at Texas Motor Speedway, SKILLS instructors teach correct responses to real-life driving scenarios, such as rain/ice skidding, tailgating, wheels off the road, and utilization of the ABS braking system. Students spend the day mastering these techniques behind the wheel of the latest models of SCION’s! After completing the SKILLS Teen School, teenage drivers gain confidence, awareness, and the experience necessary to survive today's dangerous roads. Driver's Ed was never like this!

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2018 Season Tickets

Texas Motor Speedway Season Tickets start at $199 for adults and all kids 12 & under are $30!