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Texas Motor Speedway Unveils New "Smokin'" Signature Food Items for NRA 500 Weekend

by TMS Media Relations | Apr 05, 2013

FORT WORTH, Texas (April 4, 2013) – Texas Motor Speedway will unveil a variety of brand new food items over the NRA 500 weekend. Always striving to build the most unique and flavorful items for fans, Levy Restaurants and The Speedway Club at Texas Motor Speedway Executive Chef Joel Pena created these one-of-a-kind additions. Some of the new featured items will include a glazed donut and brisket combination dubbed the “Smokin’ Hubcaps,” the “Bacon Cotton Candy Martini,” the “Jackalope Sausage” featuring pork, rabbit and antelope, as well as a “Kid’s Favorite” hot dog.

Similar to the thought process behind the “Hawg Heaven Bacon Cotton Candy” when Chef Pena wanted to combine two fan-favorites, the “Smokin’ Hubcaps” are Chef Pena’s latest creation in which he successfully combined glazed donuts and barbeque brisket. The idea was built on Chef Pena’s desire to combine two of Texas’ favorite comfort foods. Surprising to many, the sweet flavor of glazed donuts topped with savory smoked Texas-style barbeque brisket creates a delicious combination. The brisket will also be garnished with cheddar cheese, crunchy onion straws and creamy coleslaw. This new Texas delicacy will be sold for just $8 on the concourse in Texas Motor Speedway concession stands outside sections 433 and 116.

The “Bacon Cotton Candy Martini” is the latest spinoff of the “Hawg Heaven Bacon Cotton Candy” introduced during the offseason and also debuting over the NRA 500 weekend. This unique cocktail features citrus vodka infused with bacon cotton candy to give it a bright pink color. The glass is garnished with brown sugar along the rim, two strips of candied bacon and an apple slice to compliment the applewood smoked flavor of the bacon. The “Bacon Cotton Candy Martini” is being sold for just $12 in The Speedway Club.

The new “Jackalope Sausage” is here to make sure the legend of the Texas Jackalope lives on. This sausage combination features a delectable blend of pork, rabbit and antelope. It’s sure to make believers out of every fan. This one-of-a-kind sausage will be featured exclusively in the suites at Texas Motor Speedway.

To remind the youngest fans that Texas Motor Speedway hasn’t ignored their food preferences, Chef Pena created a brand new “Kid’s Favorite” hot dog combining three foods that will surely get any child excited. This all-beef hot dog is topped with creamy macaroni and cheese and finished with a crunchy Frito topping. Priced at only $7, the kid-friendly treat can be found at the Loaded Big Dog Concession Stand on the main concourse near Gate 5.  

The unique food fusions at Texas Motor Speedway are born from the idea of combining items people love in ways they might not expect, creating some fantastic flavors and memorable experiences for fans at “The Great American Speedway!”

For more information, contact TMS Media Relations at (817) 215-8520 or pr@texasmotorspeedway.com. 


  1. 1 Tx82wino 08 Apr

    Was sooooo looking forward to trying the new foods and especially the martini. Guess being a season ticket holder for the last five years doesn't mean much...what happened to it being all about the fans? So disappointed right now!

  2. 2 Olds88 08 Apr

    Saw the hubcaps on News the other night. They looked and sounded pretty good. I guess I'll have them for brunch on the front stretch. 

    Everyone in the speedway club and vlc will be jealous since their only available in the stands.

  3. 3 RJ 07 Apr
    Guess us cheapskates that pay good money to sit on the front stretch aren't good enough to be able to buy 2 out of the 3 items. Kind of a slap in the face in my opinion.
  4. 4 John 06 Apr
    Think that all food should be made available to everyone . why should the suite ticket holders have special preference cause of their money,it's,everyday how's that make NAscar
  5. 5 Johnny 05 Apr

    So, no "Jackalope Sausage" for regular ticket holders then? That's disappointing.



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