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High School Students from Across the Country Head to TMS to Compete in Solar Car Challenge

by admin | 07/20/2011

Have gas prices been getting you down lately? Well, 19 high schools from across the country are making progressive movements for a better future in the motor industry. These engineers of tomorrow are building road- worthy, solar-powered cars that are a viable future solution to those rising gas prices.

Something even more exciting is that these high school students are putting their solar cars to the test and racing them here at “The Great American Speedway!” The cars are split into three divisions – “Classic,” where participants are limited to inexpensive equipment; “Open,” where teams utilize more expensive technology; and “Advanced,” where teams use university body molds and more exotic batteries.

Since the challenge of these futuristic cars is to have them be reliable and lasting, the races are not necessarily about the speed of the car but rather the endurance of the vehicle. Last year, students raced their cars 1,200 miles! The Solar Car Challenge is a fun, educational event and an innovative way to lead into the future of motor vehicles. For more information about this event, click here.


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