Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway

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  • Wallpaper Download - February 2014

    Feb 03, 2014
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  • Catching up with Great American Sweetheart, Katie

    Jan 21, 2014

    Hi everyone! Katie here. For those of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, I'll give you the "speedy" version. (See what I did there?) I am currently a part of the Texas Motor Speedway family, both as co-host to Total Access and one of the four Great American Sweethearts. Now, if I could just get the hang of this driving deal I'd be a triple threat! HA! All jokes aside, I am blessed to call TMS home.

    Off seasons happen every year. I wish they didn't, but they do. HOWEVER, my New Year’s resolution is NO MORE POUTING! (Depending on what side of the bed I climb out of!)

    So I thought this blog would be a fun way to relive some of my favorite memories and talk about a few things I'm MOST excited about for the upcoming year! There are countless moments I can't wait to share from past races at TMS...and lucky for us Mr. Eddie Gossage and staff are going to make this season bigger and better than ever! So there is plenty to look forward to.

    I can't even begin to babble on about how thankful and blessed I am with the experiences I've already had and the ones I'm sure will follow.


    In recent history at the track, we have had quite an impressive list of guests. They range all over the place, from different branches of our military and service members, the cast of Duck Dynasty, AND the boys from Gas Monkey Garage. Every now and then, I even get to meet people I have admired since I was a little munchkin. I mean KARL MALONE. I even have a picture to prove my discombobulation when we came face to face...The Mailman. Such an Idol for me. All of that aside, probably the MOST special time for me on those weekends was working the No Limits display at Gate 4. This is when we get to meet and greet my FAVORITE guests of all...the fans! Getting to chat with you guys and learn about all the different backgrounds of our TMS fam is priceless. There are so many fun coincidences, interesting travel stories, and die-hard fans, we get to hear the best stories in the state of Texas! Because of the races and the speedway, I am one lucky gal. These are just a few of the reasons I call THIS track home. 


    So so much is exciting about the upcoming season, but especially near and dear to our track is BIG HOSS! The addition of this record breaking, high definition, MASSIVE VIDEO BOARD that will light up our lives before the race in April has me PUMPED! The replays, the zooming in on key cars, the booming sounds, and the stunning graphics are going to make the perfect NASCAR cocktail! Sit back, relax, and watch Big Hoss completely transform our race weekends. The only bone I have to pick with Big Hoss is the pre-race ceremonies. ALL of these stairs and me climbing them on the world’s biggest TV live? DANG, there's a reason Gracie isn't my middle name :) I totally expect a free hot dog or some kind of perk if I manage to escape race intros with my dignity! One foot in front of the other KT! 

    I want reading this to be fun...to be relatable...and to get everyone pumped up about NASCAR and Motorsports in 2014. We are on cloud 9 here at TMS, and I say come join! Happy racing folks!

    <3 Katie 

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  • Wallpaper Download - January 2014

    Jan 15, 2014
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