Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway

Monkey Knife Fight


What's in a name?

by Jaime Carlin | Feb 17, 2013

"Alright. I’ve got it!"

It wasn’t so much this exclamation as he walked into the meeting; it was more the double pointed fingers that told us all this is going to be good. Eddie Gossage, president of Texas Motor Speedway, does that. He uses both fingers to point at nothing in particular when a big idea strikes. And this... was a big idea.

It was a rainy Monday afternoon a couple of weeks after a NASCAR race weekend. This particular group of eight people meets every Monday to plan a blow-out party twice a year for Season Ticket Holders, the No Limits Garage Party. Our competition is ourselves and honestly, one another. What can we bring to the table to up the ante? What can we do that no one has ever seen before? Or, better, even thought of?

“We need a monkey knife fight.”

A couple of uncomfortable laughs, some sideways glances, curious looks and a smirk (ok, that was me). Silence.

And then, Eddie makes a bad excuse for not being able to stay and leaves. He leaves us with this big idea. He leaves us wondering how we keep the monkeys from harming our guests and well, one another. He leaves us pondering if he is just overtired or has just plain lost his mind. He leaves some of us considering, “Do the monkeys fight with four knives or five?” (think about it). He leaves us talking about who will be the one to draw the short straw and has to break the news to Media Relations that PETA will be needing protest space at our next Garage Party.

I’m not proud of this, but he kept us wondering, pondering and chasing phantom knife-fighting monkeys for three weeks… and along the way, we came up with some killer ideas. Ok, maybe ‘killer’ isn’t the best term considering, but they were pretty fantastic. Which, of course, was his big idea.

That is what you will find here on this blog. The things you won’t find anywhere else. The untold stories, the behind-the-scenes, the things that set Texas Motor Speedway apart from all of the others. Only here. Expect the unexpected. Because we have learned from the master, when they least expect and need it most, lay a Monkey Knife Fight on them.


  1. 1 Bob the tech Martin 26 Apr

    This is just an idea my wife said to me why NASCAR just for test reasons to slice the nationwide ticket price for one race and maybe people that normaly don't go to the races will buy them and see what it's about you would still sell the food drinks 

  2. 2 Kelly Bunt 13 Apr

    All sounds good and fun but unless you fix one very simple but serious problem, this veteran on ten seasons won't be back and neither will hundreds of other families. Do you know why ? Go down to the concourse  just before the race ends....you will find women stand , beating & screaming because all the womens restrooms have been locked. Not the mens, it was open. Several brave and very desperate wives in tears escorted by their husbands endured going into the mens room. This happened last year too. I saw a real trooper, an eighty something lady wearing full jr garb urinate herself after walking to three different restrooms trying to find an open one! Everyone was extremely angry. Who in the hell would do this kmowing several of us are actually fans and want to see the end of the race. And how much did we season ticket holder just pay??? Then have to hold it another hour just to get out of the parking lot!



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