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Texas Motor Speedway

Fan Assistance

Low T Center Fan Assistance 

Low T Center Fan Assistance golf cart rides provided FREE by Texas Motor Speedway and sponsored by Low T Center offer transportation to and from the parking areas, admission gates, infield and the Credentials building.  The golf carts are staffed by local volunteers who know their way around Texas Motor Speedway and are ready to help all race fans including, the elderly and physically challenged fans and families with children.  This courtesy does not locate lost parked cars.  Please remember where you parked.

Pick-Up locations: Outside of Gates 3 & 5 and outside Gate 6 next to the HCA Care Center.   On the Infield at the South Paddock parking entrance and at the Credentials building.  The carts are marked with Low T Center logos and have blue canopies.  

AAA Trackside Ride Campground Shuttles

Bus transportation is provided in the Reserved Campgrounds outside Turn 3 on a daily basis throughout race weekend to the shower/restroom facilities. AAA Trackside Ride Campground Shuttles are also available on event days to take fans between Turn 3 camping areas and Gate 1.

AAA Trackside Ride Fan Trams

Fans can catch a ride on the AAA Trackside Ride Fan Trams on event days to get to designated areas on Texas Motor Speedway property. The trams run continuously on Lone Star Circle around the 1.5-mile superspeedway and make stops at Gates 2, 4, 6, and 10. Look for the AAA Texas branded signs at the specified gates which indicate a AAA Trackside Ride Tram pick-up location. Trams also run from the WinStar World Casino Lone Star Circle and Victory Circle Reserved Campgrounds and stop at Gate 1 and other locations along Lone Star Circle. Click here for a Tram Map.

AAA Texas Information Booths

There are four AAA Texas Information Booths located on the frontstretch. There are two outside the gates on the Midway and two on the concourse. These stations are staffed beginning on Friday of race weekends and provide speedway information for all guests.

AAA Texas "You Are Here Signs"

There are several AAA Texas “You Are Here” signs located throughout Texas Motor Speedway property. These contain the most up-to-date information about the weekend schedule, driver appearances, midway activities and more. You can also pick up a AAA Texas Fan Guide at any of these kiosks.

Raceway Ministries and Religious Services

The Raceway Ministries at Texas Motor Speedway (RMTMS) sites are located (1) outside Turn 3 in the Lone Star Circle Camping area on Row Q, (2) outside Victory Circle, just north of Petty Place in Area 5 Camping, and (3) just inside Victory Circle on the far east end of TMS property, in the Family Camping area. Visit www.txarm.org for more information about Raceway Ministries activities and for assistance.

Information Table – Raceway Ministries at Texas Motor Speedway offers volunteers each race weekend to help those who need assistance in locating entry gates, showers, rest rooms, concession areas, merchandise locations, local gas stations, hardware & grocery stores and more.

Professional Counselors/Chaplains - Licensed counselors, chaplains and pastors available for crisis intervention, domestic disturbance, depression, etc. Available to all fans through direct contact or through Speedway Security.

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