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Texas Motor Speedway seeks to provide reasonable accommodations for all qualified individuals with disabilities. Please contact the speedway ticket office at (817) 215-8500 in a timely manner to arrange for appropriate accommodations and seating.


Handicap Parking spaces exist on the front rows of the Express Lot, Crystal Lot Speedway Club, VIP/PSL Lot and the backstretch Dirt Track parking lot. These spaces, like most public parking areas, are for Handicap Individuals ONLY and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Access to these areas requires a Certified Handicap Placard that is displayed prominently on the vehicle for inspection, and must be assigned to one of the occupants of the vehicle being parked.

Vehicles desiring access to the Express Lot, Crystal Lot and The Speedway Club Handicap parking spaces must have the appropriate credential for entry into these areas. VIP/PSL and Dirt Track parking areas will accommodate general Handicap Parking needs when lots have been opened for public access.

Once all marked spaces have been filled, Handicap Patrons will be allowed to park anywhere within the VIP/PSL parking area in space available. Police personnel assigned to monitor marked Handicap parking areas will be issuing City Citations to those found in violation.

For more information, contact the Ticket Office at 817-215-8500.

Low T Center Fan Assistance 

Low T Center Fan Assistance golf cart rides provided FREE by Texas Motor Speedway and sponsored by Low T Center offer transportation to and from the parking areas, admission gates, infield and the Credentials building.  The golf carts are staffed by local volunteers who know their way around Texas Motor Speedway and are ready to help all race fans including, the elderly and physically challenged fans and families with children.  This courtesy does not locate lost parked cars.  Please remember where you parked.

Pick-Up locations: Outside of Gates 3 & 5 and outside Gate 6 next to the HCA Care Center.   On the Infield at the South Paddock parking entrance and at the Credentials building.  The carts are marked with Low T Center logos and have blue canopies.  

Raceway Ministries and Religious Services

The Raceway Ministries at Texas Motor Speedway (RMTMS) sites are located (1) outside Turn 3 in the Lone Star Circle Camping area on Row Q, (2) outside Victory Circle, just north of Petty Place in Area 5 Camping, and (3) just inside Victory Circle on the far east end of TMS property, in the Family Camping area. Visit www.txarm.org for more information about Raceway Ministries activities and for assistance.

Transportation for Guests with Disabilities - Raceway Ministries at Texas Motor Speedway is equipped with golf carts to handle transport for guests with disabilities from the various camping areas on TMS property. These rides are available by reservation only by stopping by the Raceway Ministries office in the Lone Star Camping area on Row Q, or by calling 940.390.8248 beginning at noon on Wednesday of race week. Rides typically are limited to the guest with the disability plus one other rider in the disabled guest’s party.


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