Track Facts

Racing Surface

Oval:1.5 miles
Width:58 feet (minimum)
Turns:750-foot radius
Banking:20 degrees in Turns 1 & 2, 24 degrees in Turns 3 & 4, five degrees in straightaways
Frontstretch:2,250 feet long
Backstretch:1,330 feet long
Pit Road:45 pit stalls for Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, 35 pit stalls for the Verizon IndyCar Series

Seating Information

Front Straightaway grandstand:66 rows, 112,522. Includes: Chairback seats (40,679 w/armrests); and Handicapped Seating (1,595- Row 28 at portal entrances)
Luxury Suites: 144 with seating for 9,578
Victory Lane Club Suites: 50 with seating for 3,151
Condominium Seating:3,374
Infield Capacity: approximately 53,000
Total Permanent Seating:128,655
Total Estimated Capacity:181,655




660 Total Acres:

131 acres asphalt paved – 20,000 spaces

464 acres gravel – 52,600 spaces

65 acres grass – 7,400 spaces

Pit Stop Park:76 spaces
Bus Spaces: 300 paved
Handicap Parking:Available on frontstretch outside Gates 2-6; Backstretch outside Gates 9 and 10.


Reserved:Approximately 6,751 spaces – 1,147 infield; 5,254 outside Turn 3 & VIP; 350 tent sites
Unreserved:1,799 (available for Monster Energy NASCAR Cup events only) 
Burnout Alley:52 RV spaces (located along the backstretch)


Victory Lane Broadcast Center:2,900 square feet on two levels
Media Center:Total of 2,232 square feet
Deadline Room: 63' X 48'
Victory Theater: 33' X 47'
Goodyear Building:2,013 square feet
Fuzzy's Taco Shop:5,103 square feet
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Garage:22,272 square feet
Verizon IndyCar Series/ NASCAR XFINITY Series Garage:22,272 square feet
Hospitality Village:477,480 square feet
North Tunnel to Infield:Two lanes. Each lane is 12' wide by 8.5' high. Both lanes designated for vehicle use.
South Tunnel to Infield:Three lanes. Each lane is 12' wide by 13.5' high. Two lanes designated for vehicles, RV’s and transporters; one designated for pedestrians.


Entrances/Exits:Frontstretch, Gates 1-7; South Tunnel/Infield, Gate 8; and North Tunnel
Women’s Restrooms: 1,656
Men’s Restrooms: 843
Kitchens: Two
Concession Buildings:24
Souvenir Buildings:23
Infield Care Center:One

Infield Road Course (4 Course Variations)

4 Course Variations1 — 2.324 miles
2 — 1.07 miles
3 — .7 miles
4 — .5 miles
Pit road length:800 feet
Road width:35 feet — 40 feet
Turns:8 to 15 depending on variation

Lil' Texas Motor Speedway

Oval:1/5 mile, asphalt surface
Seating:1,448 permanent seats
Banking:12 degrees
Corners: 80 feet wide

Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track

Oval:.4 mile, clay surface
Banking:12 degrees
Straightaway:70 feet wide
Corners:80 feet wide
Luxury Suites:14 with seating for 308

2018 Season Tickets

Texas Motor Speedway Season Tickets start at $199 for adults and all kids 12 & under are $30!